Taman Mini Malaysia, Malacca

If you are curious about the history of Malaysian architecture or in other words, if you want to see the traditional style of housing of all the 13 states of Malaysia, their people and their ways of life, then this is a “never-miss” destination for you!

The Taman Mini Malaysia cultural park, located a few kilometers outside of Melaka, near the town of Ayer Keroh, is built on a singular concept of portraying the essential culture of Malaysia through its architecture and the rooted way of life of its people.  Each of the homes represents the architectural style of the 13 states in Malaysia and is decorated with various items, arts and crafts which portray the indigenous culture of each state.

Basically, this is a rare opportunity to see the whole Malaysian architecture and heritage in a short all-encompassing way.  And of course, a visit to the park will lend you a break from the constantly buzzing life of urban Melaka!

Tips for Travelers

Taman Mini Malaysia is a bit far from Melaka.  To visit this place you need a full day,or half day, depending on the time that you want to spend in the park.  Take only your essential belongings with you during your visit to Taman Mini Malaysia.  There is also a mini ASEAN park nearby, that sports the culture of the whole Southeast Asia, the architecture, and lifestyle of the peoples of the whole region.  You can also go and have a look there.

Since the park is situated outside of Melaka you can also visit the park when you decide to leave or enter the city; this will save your transportation costs and give you a good resting hiatus from the urban hustle.

How do visitors get to Taman Mini Malaysia?

Get past the Ayer Keroh junction from the North-South Expressway and go straight.  After a few moments you’ll see the Butterfly Park on your left.  To get to the park, you will have to take the second main intersection on your left from the Ayer Keroh main road.

Approximate Touring Time

The approximate touring time for Taman Mini Malaysia is about half day.

Visiting Hours

The visiting hours for Taman Mini Malaysia are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm every day.

Admission Charges

The admission charges for Taman Mini Malaysia are:

  • RM 4 for Adults
  • RM 2 for Children

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