Gemas Homestay

Homestay Gemas comprises 4 kampungs located close together namely Kg. Londah, Kg. Ulu Ladang, Kg. Ladang and Kg. Bangkahulu.

Tourist attractors include the historical remains of afort (Tugu Peringatan Sg. Kelamah), the Tuah-Tun Teja pass, scenic paddy fields and beautiful handicrafts.

This homestay also make available traditional delicacies as ‘Kuih Tat Seberang’ and pure wild honey too the tempt the testbuds of the visitors.

A camp site by the river is located at this homestay facilities at the Danau Kubang camp site by the Sungai Muar include a changing room, futsal court and the open hall.

En.Mohamed Haris b Jantan
Tel. (R): +6079481143
(Hp): +60127971878

En Abd Halim Bin Dolah
Tel. (Hp): +60176233621

Pn. Radiah Bte Ujang
Tel. (Hp): +60197299246

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